WECAN Angel Investors enjoyed a fascinating investment meeting on June 2023


Conference audience and speaker

Zack Silverman Founder of Walter Caesar presents the offering of his company

Highlighted by a fascinating announcement by medical sciences company Orthoforge and a tasty pitch from Walter Craft Caesar, WECAN’s monthly investment meeting on Tuesday, June 20, was another exciting and ambitious gathering for the Angel Investors of Windsor-Essex.

The Windsor Essex Capital Angel Network (WECAN) bring together some of the best business minds in the region to invest capital, ideas, time, and energy into small business startups to help their Founders find economic success and help spur innovation.

“WECAN’s Angel Investors had infused 28 early-stage companies with over $6.4 million in investments to help them grow and succeed in a competitive global marketplace” says Executive Director Deborah Livneh “Most of this money was invested locally”.

Gathered at The Accelerator on Howard Ave. in Windsor, WECAN’s Angel Investors heard pitches from enVgo, a company electrifying the recreational boating industry with high performance hydrofoiling and autonomy solutions, Sawback Technologies, who has developed a proprietary solution to prevent worker deaths during ground excavations and Rocket Doctor, a digital health platform and marketplace, integrating a unique support system, AI-fueled software, and wireless devices.

Also pitching from Waterloo (GTAN) was Orthoforge, a company that has created a wearable device that monitors bone fracture healing, reducing costs, x-rays, and improving outcomes. Orthoforge had first pitched at WECAN in November 2022. Finally, Zack Silverman presented in-person his beverage company Walter Craft Caesar, that has made the first craft Caesar, offering Canadians an all-natural alternative to the leading mass brand.

WECAN member and a director of TUP Capital Inc. Mike Labiak, along with Paul Barbeau, CEO of TUP Capital had the honour of announcing that TUP Capital is taking Orthoforge public.

“It measures the fracture, it doesn’t image it,” says Labiak of Orthoforge’s monitoring device. “It’s extremely accurate. The current standard of care is a system of x-rays and professionals give their opinions. It’s subjective and patients are exposed to x-ray radiation. With this system, it’s quantitative it’s objective and it’s disruptive. Your healing is tracked on a daily basis, with no radiation.”

“If you get injured, you go to the hospital, you get treatment, you go home, and nobody looks at you for six weeks. With this system, the next day, and every day, they’re taking readings of your fracture site remotely and they put it on a progress chart and they know if you’re progressing properly or not.”

Labiak says that Orthoforge’s product, will reduce the need for repeated x-rays, could be disruptive to the current medical status quo, creating better medical outcomes at a much lower cost.

“We, at TUP Capital, are bringing it public through the venture exchange” explains Labiak. “We are in process of raising $3.4 million to do it.”

This is just another of the success stories created by the Angel Investors of WECAN.

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Mike Labiak explains Orthoforge opportunity

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