Why Apply To Pitch Equation Angels?

As the second largest angel organization in Canada, we provide the foundation for aspiring entrepreneurs and dedicated investors to collaborate in a more effective and efficient way. With one point of contact for both angels and investors, we ensure streamlined business processes so focus remains on transforming ideas into portfolio companies.

In addition to a sizable financial investment, angels help entrepreneurs prepare more effective pitches, navigate the due diligence process and expand their networks through industry connections. Typically a months-long process, Equation Angels offers the skills and expertise to expedite the entrepreneurial-investor journey, starting with a single application process.

Equation Angels’ efficient and curated internal processes also enable investors to focus on what matters most – providing a professionalized asset to educate promising entrepreneurs and start-ups and maximizing return on investment.

Are You Ready For Angel Investment? 

Angel investment is right for all businesses at all times. We have compiled a number of resources to help you determine if Angel investing in general and Equation Angels in particular is right for your business.

Please review the qualifications below to see if your company fits our Angel group:

  • Customer Traction: Annual revenues of at least $100K or high likelihood of closing sales to a strategic customer within three months
  • Scalability: Use of innovative technology to scale customer and revenue growth rapidly
  • Addressable Market Size: At least $100M annually
  • Market Geography: Global
  • Location: Ontario, with preference for southern Ontario
  • Age of Company: Three years or less from date of incorporation, with exceptions for companies with a major pivot
  • Intellectual Property: Preferably owned or assigned to company; preferably patented or patentable. IP may include trade secrets
  • Founder Team: Complementary coverage of skill sets; open to bringing in executives to help fill skill gaps; experienced, driven, and coachable
  • Industry Sector: All but pharmaceutics
  • Financing Sought: Up to $2M but may be higher if other investors are committed to fill the larger round
  • Pre-money Valuation: Generally, not greater than $5M. Justification will be required for valuation based on revenues, market position, IP
  • Innovation: Must present clear advantages over competitors, whether in technology, products, or market approach
  • Readiness for Due Diligence: Secure data room available with information that is standard for early stage due diligence (Due Diligence checklist available)
  • Ability to Pitch: Practiced ability to present advantages of your company at a very high level to a general university-educated audience

If you are seeking venture financing between $200K to $2M along with help from a pool of 200 experienced successful business leaders and entrepreneurs, then Equation Angels would like to receive an application from you.

Over the past eight years, we have jointly provided $90.3M in funding to approximately 281 startup companies, and this funding is often further leveraged by government funding partnerships with us.

If your company fits the criteria above, we want to hear from you. All applications must proceed through the application portal.

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