Benefits of Angel Investing

Guiding Principles of Angel Investors

An Angel Investor. . .


  • That the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, and deserving of support & encouragement
  • That many early-stage, entrepreneurial companies have a track record of becoming significant economic drivers over time
  • That although Angel investing is a high-risk activity, it brings great potential for financial and personal gain


  • To support and accelerate the growth and profitability of early-stage companies through financial investment
  • To provide mentorship and guidance to maturing entrepreneurs
  • To learn more about best practices of Angel investing
  • To have ongoing access to deal flow
  • To build wealth and economic stability in his/her community


  • A minimum level of wealth as defined by accredited investor guidelines
  • A minimum of C$25,000 available for investment in early-stage companies on an annual basis


  • Attend Angel Network meetings on a regular, and consistent basis
  • Share experiences in Angel investing with other Angels


  • Someone with money and expertise who wants to invest in upwardly mobile companies
  • Committed to increasing the quantity, quality and success of Angel investments in Canada, thus creating a larger pool of capital for innovative, start-up companies.

Benefits of an Angel Group Membership


The structured Angel Group provides a public face to attract deal-flow while enabling individual members to maintain their privacy


Community recognition of the Angel group and its particular investment focus leverages this public presence and creates a wide referral network to increase quality deal sourcing


Professional management provides efficient deal-matching to investor’s preferences


Collaboration in due diligence provides multiple points of knowledge about market, management, and financial assumptions, ultimately resulting in better investment decisions


Individuals new to the Angel investment community are able to learn from experienced Angel investors on all aspects of the investment process


All participating Angels benefit from evolving best practices knowledge.

Social Network

Regular meetings provide a social network to facilitate camaraderie and the sharing of common goals


Structured investment processes and resources, along with the group position, enhance the investor’s position in negotiating terms


Collective investing typically results in companies raising higher dollar amounts. This provides not only greater economic power, but when coupled with the access to the mentoring capacity, contact networks, and the sector & management expertise of the investor group, increases the likelihood of overall success for the investee companies

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