WECAN is pleased to announce the appointment of Cam Crowder as its new Interim Executive Director


The Windsor Essex Capital Angel Network (WECAN) is pleased to announce the appointment of Cam Crowder as its new Interim Executive Director. Crowder brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role, positioning WECAN for continued success in supporting local entrepreneurs and driving economic growth in the region.

As a seasoned entrepreneur and investor, Crowder has a proven track record of identifying investment opportunities and fostering the growth of startup companies. His extensive network and deep understanding of the local business landscape will be invaluable in leading WECAN’s investor group to new heights.

WECAN is a network of successful entrepreneurs, business professionals, and high net worth individuals who are passionate about supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs. With a focus on investing in quality, investment-ready companies, WECAN members provide not only financial support but also mentorship and valuable connections to help startups thrive.

“We are thrilled to have Cam Crowder join WECAN as our new Executive Director,” said Shawn Bustin, Co-Chairman of the WECAN board. “His expertise and vision will be instrumental in expanding our network, attracting new investors, and further strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Windsor-Essex.”

WECAN has made $4,640,150 in local investments since 2019, contributing to the growth and success of numerous startups in the region. With the appointment of Cam Crowder, the organization is actively seeking both seasoned and new local investors to join their ranks and participate in this exciting venture.

“The opportunity to invest in startups is not only a financial endeavor but also an opportunity to contribute to the success and growth of our community,” said Crowder. “I am honoured to lead WECAN in its mission to provide local entrepreneurs with the support and resources they need to thrive.”

Startup capital plays a crucial role in driving entrepreneurial success. According to global statistics, startups that receive adequate funding are more likely to achieve sustainable growth and create jobs. In the Canadian funding landscape, having active and engaged investors in our own backyard presents a significant opportunity to fuel economic growth and nurture the innovation ecosystem.

We encourage all members to reach out to Cam, share your thoughts and ideas. Your voice matters, and together we can shape the future of WECAN.