WECAN Angel Investors host four exciting tech entrepreneurs Pitch night a great night for all who attended


On Tuesday, Apr. 18, the Angel Investors of the Windsor Essex Capital Angel Network (WECAN) enjoyed a night of networking and tech-based pitches from a local entrepreneur and three Waterloo-area Founders via live feed.

WECAN Angel Investors are on the cutting edge of business and product genesis, investing in and stewarding small business startups and Founders towards economic success and innovation.

WECAN’s investors have gone above and beyond for local business. By the end of 2022, they had infused 27 early-stage companies with over $6.3 million in investments to help them grow and succeed in a competitive global marketplace.

In partnership with the Golden Triangle Angel Network (GTAN) of Waterloo, WECAN’s Angel Investors listen to exciting and innovative pitches from PragmaClin, a Founder that developed a digital assessment tool for neurologists during Parkinson’s Disease clinical assessments, vGIS, an integrated 3D digital twin platform, powered by AI and highly accurate AR, for construction infrastructure projects, and Taiga, a company building a fleet of AI-powered material handling robots, which they provide to their customers as a service.

Last, but not least, WECAN was provided an in-person pitch by local innovator Kristian Tazbazian on behalf of his company, Gastronomous. Gastronomous is on the cutting edge of commercial kitchen automation, having created a unique approach to automated food preparation.

“[Pitching to] WECAN was a fantastic opportunity to network and showcase Gastronomous to potential investors,” says Tazbazian. The event provided a platform to meet with experienced investors who were eager to learn about innovative businesses and provide the necessary financial support. It was an excellent chance to connect with like-minded individuals and gain valuable insights into the world of angel investing. Overall, presenting at the investment meeting is an exciting and rewarding experience for anyone looking to take their business to the next level.”

Tazbazian, as a young Founder, proved to be an engaging speaker, and his presentation sparked many questions and strong interest from the Angel Investors in supporting his innovative startup.

For more information on the WECAN Angel Investors and for local success stories that they have helped to make happen, please visit www.WEAngelNetwork.com, or email to Deborah@WEAngelnetwork.com.