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You’ve dreamed. You’ve toiled. You’ve brought your dream to life and are ready for the next step, but require capital to go forward. Angel investments may be the solution. But don’t take the term “Angel” literally. The bottom line for Angel investors is to make a healthy return on their investments. So before pursuing this path, you must ensure that your business is investment-, or Angel-ready.

Angel-ready entrepreneurs typically have a company with an innovative product or service just entering the marketplace, a credible plan for considerable growth, and need capital to finance additional production, marketing and/or sales.

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What industrial sector is your business in?

Angels typically invest in growth-oriented, innovative businesses.

Angels don't tend to investment in the industrial sector that your company is in. They generally invest in innovation.

Institutional, corporate or personal sources of financing may be more suitable for businesses within the retail, consulting, natural resources, or real estate sectors.

What stage of development is your business in?

Angel investors tend to be former entrepreneurs and risk takers themselves. Accordingly, they can identify with the passion, drive, and challenges of entrepreneurs currently on the journey.

Your business is not Angel-ready, but if it is located in Ontario, you may want to be referred to seed-stage financing organizations through Gust.

How complete is your management team?

A credible, experienced team is one of the success factors of a business. Angels will take into account the management team when an investment opportunity is evaluated.

Your business is not Angel-ready, but if it is located in Ontario, you may want to be referred to the Ontario Network of Excellence (ONE).  Among other services, they can provide referrals and business advisory services.

For a referral to ONE, contact us!

Your business is potentially investment-ready!
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