IP Due Diligence

Assessing patents and copyrights

Performing IP due diligence on a start-up can be a daunting and time consuming task, especially if you’re leading the process for the first time or acting alone.  As an Angel who primarily invests in medical diagnostics and devices, Patricia Lorenz, NAO-Ontario’s chair, relies on a few common practices to evaluate intellectual property before closing a deal.  In this video, Patricia will share her experiences and demonstrate a screening tool that can help make the process of IP due diligence more effective.

1. Introduction: 0.00 – 0.49
2. Common Mistakes Time: 0.50 – 1.50
3. Patents & Copyrights: 1.51 – 4:22
4. Process of Filing a Patent: 4:23 – 6:23
4. Patent Lens.net: 6:24 – 17:59
5. Patents in summary: 18:00 – 18:39
6. Determining if the IP is “clean”: 18:40 – 23:43
7. IP in Canada: 23:44 – 25:57
8. Figuring out inventorship: 25:58 – 29:22

Note: The information contained herein is for informational purposes only as a service to the public, and is not legal advice or a substitute for legal counsel, nor does it constitute advertising or a solicitation on any specific investment.

Creation Date: August, 2012

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